Conway's started as a family owned and run Irish business which is now expanding within the EU.

Conway's started out small doing mainly underpinning and extension works within Ireland using custom made mini piling rigs, from there they expanded into Precast Concrete piles doing both small and large projects from one off house builds to warehouses and housing developments.
Conway's set up a manufacturing facility within their yard outside Kilcullen, Co. Kildare thereby ensuring the quality of their product. Firstly mainly manufacturing precast piles but then moving into manufacturing and installing ad hoc precast concrete stairs.

Conway's then, looking to expand future looked to the European markets and using contacts and knowledge of the markets within the EU provided by their international Engineers Conway's secures projects in both Germany and Poland

At present Conway's have:

Conway Piling Ltd (Ireland).
Conway Polska Sp. z.o.o.(Poland)
Conway Grundbau UG. (Germany)

Please see each page for details on all the above.

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